Driveway Alert System

Compare and Choose the Best Driveway Alert System

Protection of your home is of utmost importance. The best way to gain this is to make use of a driveway alert system. It helps to keep your house, office and valuables safe from thefts. The system basically gives you an indication if there is an intruder entering your driveway. This will not only scare the intruder but also let you know who is trying to enter your property. Different types of driveway systems are available which you can choose from depending on the requirement you need it. Even though all of them are aimed at providing protection, it is best to opt for a system that best serves your purpose. On searching online, you will come across stores that offer a range of system from well known manufacturers like Dakota, Optex and Rodann. There are two main considerations to be looked at while purchasing a system such as wireless transmission range and driveway sensor type.

There are various factors essential to secure your house. First is enough lighting due to which it is clearly visible if someone enters. Motion sensor lighting can be used as they light up only when a motion is detected and are cheaply priced. Installing outdoor security cameras is essential to video record the movement of anyone entering. Next is to purchase a good sensor.

There are three types of driveway motion sensor

  • Driveway motion detector that helps to detect vehicles and people. The transmitter and sensor are available as one device and is the most used type. These are quite low priced and very easy to install.
  • Vehicle detector which detects only vehicles. In this, the sensor is buried and is not visible at the entrance. This is most expensive and tough to install. The pressure tube driveway sensor is one in which an air hose, that is connected to a transmitter box, detects when a vehicle drives over it sending out an alert.

You can also customize your alarm system by making use of accessories like sirens, strobe light and sound production such as chime and horn sounds can be produced

The benefit of using an alarm system is that it can monitor your entrance everyday at all times. Apart from the driveway entrance, you can also use the system at other areas like the pool or backyard as per your needs. Along with different types of sensors, varieties of receivers are available. The newer models allow a better transmission distance. Models in various connection types are available of which wireless driveway alert system is the most convenient one. The alarm options are systems vary as some may indicate only using flash lights while others may produce a loud siren. The ones with both provide better security. Most driveway systems are affordably priced and the most economical way to protect your house or commercial space. Opt for a model with easy self-installation process. Ensure to buy a manufacture warranted system from a reputed online store and get the product shipped. Some stores even have a sale offering certain products at discounted prices.

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